Jodie & Gabby Vesely

Jodie and Gabby Vesely are sent out of Horizon Baptist Church in Missouri City, TX as pastor and missionary caregivers. Together, Jodie and Gabby offer several services to help missionaries and their families and pastors and their families in a ministry they created called HeartWay: Pastor and Missionary Caregivers.

Our Story

Jodie and Gabby's journey started in 2004. When Jodie was an atheist and senior in high school, Gabby led him to Christ.

In 2006, at the University of Texas in Austin, Jodie felt the Lord's calling and leading to foreign missions. Following this calling, Jodie went to Liberty University to get a solid foundation in theology in addition to a bachelor's degree in accounting.

In 2008, Jodie and Gabby were married, and in 2009 they moved for Jodie to attend seminary at Texas Baptist Institute, where he received a bachelor's in theology.

In 2012, Jodie and Gabby were called to serve as missionaries in St. Petersburg, Russia. The Lord led Greater Heights to serve as their sending church. After their deputation journey, they moved to St. Petersburg, Russia in 2013.

On March 2, 2019, they planted their first church in St. Petersburg. The church was growing and developing through the point that the pandemic began.

During the pandemic, the Veselys took a furlough and were unable to return to Russia. This created a new opportunity for the Veselys to continue their ministry in Russia online, and at the same time the Lord moved the Veselys to begin a new ministry as pastor and missionary caregivers.

In 2022, the Veselys with their three children, Hadassah, Gideon, and Tobias, serve in Texas, doing much of their ministry with HeartWay and Russian Ministries Online from their home.

Jodie additionally serves as the Care Pastor at Horizon Baptist Church.


Jodie - Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Liberty University, Bachelor of Theology from Texas Baptist Institute and Seminary, Master of Arts in Global Studies from Liberty University Baptist Theological Seminary, Certificate in Biblical Counseling from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach, Certificate in Clergy Taxation from Surgent Income Tax School, licensed to preach, ordained minister, foreign missionary, in process of ACBC certification, in process of Mental Health Coaching certification. Published thesis: THE DIFFERING OF WORLDVIEWS BETWEEN SOVIET AND POST-SOVIET RUSSIANS

Gabby - qualified mediator in the state of Texas, certified parent trainer, foreign missionary, Bachelor of Science in Social Sciences from the University of Maine at Augusta. She is in the process of a studying under a grant that is funding her Master of Science in Trauma-Informed Emergency Management to better help and serve those who help others, such as ministers. Academically published work: THE BENEFITS OF COVID-19 FOR CRISIS MANAGEMENT IN AMERICAN CHURCHES