Transition Seminar

For church-planter kids and MKs (foreign missionary kids) who are coming out of high school into college or adult life stateside, Jodie and Gabby have a seminar to help the kid and the family to have a smoother, more successful, and more peaceful transition. The seminar will begin annually starting in 2023. To sign up for the TCK Transition Seminar in Spokane, WA June 19-22, 2023, please fill out this form.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is not to make a kid's life easy, but instead to help them find churches, connections, resources, etc. where they will be based stateside so that after the first year they will have what they need to continue through young adulthood as a disciple of Christ. Likewise, our philosophy is not to make life easy for the ministers, but instead to help them to transition their kid's life well and adjust to life without the kid's physical presence in their home on a regular basis.

Program avenues

The transition seminar will take place in person in the Spokane, WA area beginning in 2023. There will be more information and an oppurtunity to sign up beginning June 20, 2022 at the ABA National Meeting in Orlando, FL at the HeartWay booth.