Benefits of Zoom community

Whether you're serving in an isolated part of the world, an unreligious community, or the Bible belt, community among those in ministry is important. Due to busy schedules and large distances between each other, it can be difficult to meet together in person, and once or twice a year isn't enough. To give a weekly opportunity for gathering and community, Jodie organizes weekly meetups with those men who in ministry all over the world for mutual edification, encouragement, prayer, sharpening minds, and refining ministry strategies. Gabby is available for women meetups.

Our philosophy

Not only is community important for your own wellbeing, it is important for the wellbeing of others and the furtherance of God's kingdom. At HeartWay, we not only want to provide specialized care for others, but we want to be instrumental in connecting other servants of God together to help care for one another more regularly.

Avenues of Zoom community

Facebook is the primary network in which the Zoom communities are organized. Men can connect for the Zoom community here, and women should contact Gabby to connect to a Zoom community.