Financial coaching benefits

Experience financial peace through biblical question-based coaching from Jodie! Whether navigating through debt, planning for retirement, or any financial goals you have, develop a plan that works for you while getting encouragement and guidance along the way. Financial coaching will help you to have a more fruitful ministry, a more pleasant family life, and less stress. Families of ministers can also take advantage of this opportunity.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is a Ramsey-oriented, yet biblically and ministerially balanced approach to financial princles. At HeartWay, we understand that ministers have followed God's calling and are trusting Him fully to provide for their needs as they follow him. The goal is not how to get more and more money in life, but, instead, how to honor God with the resources He has blessed them with.

Avenues of coaching

Given the current worldwide conditions, a majority of the financial coaching at HeartWay is done over Zoom. However, there is the possibility to receive financial coaching in person too.