Benefits of mediation

Conflict and discord are natural consequences of living as sinners and working with sinners in a sinful world. In short, conflict is inevitable, and to keep your ministry more effective and fruitful for the long term, neutral biblically-based third-party mediation can help navigate through conflict on missionary teams, church staff, or with anyone. Gabby is trained and qualified in mediation in the state of Texas and has a knack for confronting conflict in love and truth and would love to help you through a conflict in your ministry.

Our philosophy

Avoiding confronting conflict can lead to unfruitful ministries and continual unrest among a minister. Confronting conflict in the most biblical manner with the best on intentions individually can lead to unintended offenses that tear apart ministries. At HeartWay, we strive for conflicts to be resolved with biblically-based approaches that lead to reconciliation among missionary teams, church staff, and more.

Avenues of mediation

Given the current worldwide conditions, mediation may be more practical over Zoom. However, there is the possibility for mediation in person on site or off site too.