Benefits of parent coaching

Have you ever wondered why your children are continually strugglingly despite trying your best to bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord with the Bible? In short, everyone struggles with sin; however, we don't have to be slaves to sin. Sometimes our struggles are more evident and come out a little differently among our families at home. Depending on the severity of the struggle, a minister's ministry will be affected by the wellbeing of his family at home. We do recommend counseling for families, both parents and children, but sometimes simple practical steps on the parents' end can help to resolve the struggles in the family. It can be difficult to see what to do in the midst of the situation. This is where family coaching can help, and Gabby is qualified as a parent trainer and is very passionate about home life and helping families thrive!

Our philosophy

At HeartWay, we understand firsthand the challenges of MK life. Our philosophy of parent training is both biblically and practically based to help you in real life on a daily basis with your family. We are not here to judge but to guide parents into what works best for them and their families.

Avenues of coaching

Given the current worldwide conditions, parent coaching may be more practical online. However, there is the possibility for parent training in person too.