Benefits of crisis management

Don't you wish your church or you as a missionary could not just survive and focus inwardly during times of crisis, but also thrive and minister to others? Oftentimes churches have a plan for an intruder and missionaries have a plan for the inability to access funds, but what about in times of natural disasters, war, death, pandemics, etc.?

With a crisis management plan, not only will you be better off personally and as a organization, but you will be able to better minister to others in times of inevitable crisis. Gabby is trained in crisis management planning for churches and missionaries. She can guide you or your organization in creating a comprehensive and biblical crisis management plan.

Our philosophy

Crisis management is biblical. Not only can churches and missionaries better minister to those around them when they have a plan, but they do great harm to the cause of Christ when they don't have a plan (Luke 14:28-33). It is not if a crisis will happen, but when a crisis will happen. At HeartWay, we desire for inevitable crises to be planned for biblically and Spirit-led with wisdom so that the cause of Christ will not be harmed, but instead continue with excellence.

Avenues of crisis management

Crisis mangement planning can be done via various avenues of online communication or in person on site.